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One World. One Mission. One Harvest.

THE ONE HARVEST PROJECT has two objectives; promoting great coffees, and supplying sustainable futures to the amazing people who grow them.

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Coffee is a unique beverage that unites the globe through a very complex process that includes over 150 steps from the tree to the steaming cup. Much like wine, coffee starts on quiet hillsides where the ideal soil, climate, and meticulous care from the farmer culminates in the finest beans that, when roasted and brewed, bring us such pleasure.

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Did you know that one coffee tree only produces approximately one pound of coffee per year? This fragile tree must be pruned, fertilized and tended throughout the year before finally producing hundreds of small cherries that encapsulate two small coffee beans full of flavor waiting to be released. Such a huge amount of work goes into creating this coffee, and yet the ones who spend the year nurturing the tree, in the traditional coffee market, often partake in a very small fraction of what the consumer pays for this coffee, sometimes not enough to sustain their family.

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One Harvest Project brings balance and traceability to this equation. It starts with traveling the globe to find the finest coffees, then bringing the story of the farmers who grew this coffee to the person drinking this cup of coffee.

We work directly with the farmers to negotiate prices that are well above Fair Trade minimums. We also work with our importing and exporting partners to provide pre-harvest financing where it is necessary, and conduct special education, health, and environmental projects.

One Harvestís long term relationships with our growing partners provides them with stability in the volatile coffee market, and provides them with the peace of mind that there will be someone there next year ready to pay a fair price for their amazing coffee.

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